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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Does Periodontist Extract Teeth?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Dr. Boustany
Does Periodontist Extract Teeth?A periodontist can extract a tooth that can no longer be saved, such as when the bone structure has been lost because of gum disease. An oral surgeon and a periodontist collaborate closely to create a treatment plan involving tooth extraction and implant placement. Saving patients' permanent teeth is the primary objective of a periodontist.

This dental specialist is equipped with the most recent training to replace a tooth that needs to be pulled. They mainly provide dental implants to people who are suitable candidates. A periodontist may remove teeth, which may seem strange, but it is done for the patient's health. To save the patient's teeth, a periodontist focuses on the following:

Bacteria Prevention

A periodontist concentrates on preventing bacteria in order to preserve permanent teeth. For starters, this dentist makes a lot of effort to reduce harmful periodontal germs. A periodontist works to educate patients while providing care. This involves advising them to start practicing proper dental hygiene. Periodontal disease can be avoided by preventing the growth of bacteria and plaque.

Control Inflammation

Controlling the inflammation that results from periodontal disease is the focus of a periodontist. The cause is that inflammation is a significant moderator of many chronic diseases. Periodontitis is one of them. This dentist may pull a tooth if the plaque, germs, or inflammation gets too severe. That enhances the patient's oral as well as overall physical health.

Advanced Treatments

A periodontist provides various cutting-edge remedies in addition to tooth extraction when necessary. For instance, this dental practitioner uses biologics and growth hormones in his practice. They also offer bone grafting procedures and root coverings treatments. They receive requests from patients seeking both cosmetic and practical crown lengthening. When treating patients, a periodontist may also prescribe anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial drugs. These make their service worthwhile when combined with freshly developed instrumentation.
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