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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Regenerative Dentistry

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Dr. Boustany
Regenerative DentistryRegenerative dentistry involves tissue engineering, nanotechnology, genetics, and biology. This is a field that has the potential to transform dentistry due to the technology used. Regenerative dentistry focuses on the regeneration of hard and soft tissues using tissue engineering procedures. It has been integrated into different disciplines over the last 20 years. Regenerative dentistry restores maintains, and improves tissue function.

A look into the field

The discovery of how mesenchymal and epithelial cells interact to generate vital organs has led to exploitation efforts. For instance, the first bioengineered tooth was invented through the combination of embryonic and adult cells, the characterization of dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs), and the most recent being fabrication of bi-layered hydrogen tooth buds.

When is it done

Dentists might use the procedure for different situations like vital pulp dentistry. The procedure has worked for decades dating back to the 17th century. Recently, it is included during bone grafting and tissue regeneration therapies (GTR). They aim at revitalizing the damaged dental pulp.

The goal of regenerative dentistry

The main aim of regenerative dentistry is to regenerate a whole tooth. Research has been done in the field focusing on regenerating specific dental tissues like the tissues, pulp, or enamel. In this procedure, cell-based approaches and scaffold approaches are applicable. For pulp regeneration, it is done concerning the enamel and the cell that forms it.

The future of regenerative dentistry

In-depth research is being carried out to understand molecular biology and genetics. It exposes young dentists to the principles of operations and their importance. In this way, dental undergraduates primarily focus on the dentistry aspects and the skills gained in the process. This exposes them to its basics early, preparing them for a role. Our orthodontists and dentists are not left behind either, Equipped with experience and skills from some of the best colleges in the country, you are assured of a successful procedure. Call us today.
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