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What Is Inlays and Onlays Treatment?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of inlay and onlays done at Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, West VirginiaInlays and onlays are very common dental tools that help restore the aesthetic concern and structure of damaged teeth. They are non-invasive methods that help ensure you have that striking smile. The difference between these two is that the inlays are essential to manage any extensive internal damage. On the other hand, the onlays help to manage surface teeth deterioration.

An Overview of Dental Inlays

Dental inlays are created with resin, porcelain, or ceramic materials. They are crafted according to the size and shape of your teeth. We use them to fill any space in the middle of your teeth left behind by injury or decay. We aim first to examine the depth and size of the hole and cast the inlays into the right shape to fit it. These materials can be colored and shaped to ensure they mimic your natural teeth. They offer an invisible and durable restoration for your damaged teeth.

An Overview of Dental Onlays

The onlays are created with a similar material to the inlays and customized to fit your teeth. Shaping and coloring them to match your other teeth is also possible. An onlay tends to be larger and can cover a larger cavity and even extend over the cusps of your teeth. Onlays are reserved for extensive damage and are ideal for cavities extending beyond the tooth center.

Inlays Vs. Onlays

Inlays are ideal for smaller cavities and are placed within the teeth cusps. The installation process involves removing the damaged or decayed portion of the teeth and taking an impression of the area. The inlay is fabricated and later bonded on your teeth. Onlays, on the other hand, are a restoration method that covers the cusps of your teeth and can even extend over their biting surface. They are most preferred for extensive decay or damage. Similarly to the inlays, they are fabricated and bonded on the teeth.

Both inlays and oulays are great conservative options for preserving the natural tooth structure while offering functionality and strength. Ensure you reach out to us for more details.

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