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Can Another Tooth Be Added to a Partial Denture?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of partial dentures from Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, West VirginiaThe answer depends on the material from which your denture is molded. It is easy to add teeth to acrylic and metallic dentures but difficult to add to flexible dentures.

When Is a Tooth Addition Necessary?

You must add teeth to your partial denture when you lose additional natural teeth. Tooth extraction leaves a gap in your mouth that is not covered by the partial denture. This gap affects your appearance and creates problems with eating and speaking. If left unattended for long periods, this gap can also affect oral health since the remaining teeth have space to drift and move.

A missing tooth can also affect the stability of your partial denture. Dentures anchor their support on adjacent natural teeth, and the partial dentures tend to drift and move when a gap exists. However, which is the best way to fill in these gaps?

Can I Add Teeth to an Existing Partial Denture?

Adding teeth to an existing partial denture is possible to cover the gap left by the teeth you extract. This is your first consideration when the extracted teeth are adjacent to the partial denture. Acrylic is moldable, and adding material for an extra tooth is easy. This explains why acrylic is commonly used for temporary dentures. The main drawback with acrylic dentures is that they feel bulkier and uncomfortable.

Metallic chrome dentures have a palate layer or clasps made of metal, usually cobalt chrome. Adding material to this palate base layer is not difficult but is not as easy as when acrylic is used. The main downside with metal dentures is poor aesthetics since the metal is easily noticeable.

Flexible dentures made from Valplast, Iflex, Flexite, or TCS resins are difficult to mold. Adding thermoplastic material to an existing partial denture to accommodate a new tooth is almost impossible with thermoplastic-based flexible dentures. However, the latest Thermosen resin-based dentures are more accommodating for manipulation and are more appropriate when used as permanent dentures.

Closing Remarks

Consult your dentist or prosthetist to see if more teeth can be added to your partial denture. If teeth cannot be added, then another denture will be made.

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