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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Top Two Reasons to Stop ignoring Your Gum Disease Symptoms

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Boustany
Top Two Reasons to Stop ignoring Your Gum Disease SymptomsWhen ninety percent of all diseases can create issues with your oral health, it is no wonder our professional staff are trained to spot health problems in your mouth. While brushing and flossing, patients should also inspect their gums, tongue, and other soft tissues of the mouth to spot the earliest sign of anything unusual. If they spot bleeding gums, have consistent bad breath, see lumps, irregular growths, sores, or lose teeth, they should know to call our office.

Bleeding Gums Lead to More Symptoms

Bleeding gums can lead to gingivitis which is the first stage of gum disease and the only time in the disease's progression which is reversible. Once it moves past this stage it is irreversible and incurable. The only thing that can be done at that time is to manage the symptoms and stop the progression. And though the progression can be stopped, the disease itself will not be cured or improved.

Gum Disease Complications Only Get Worse

With our mouths so full of bacteria it is more important than ever to brush and floss. These bacteria are constantly trying to gain a foot hold in our mouths. By brushing and flossing, the plaque can be removed. However, if it is left to form tartar, using a toothbrush is not enough. Tartar has to be removed by one of our professionals. If tartar is not cleaned from the teeth, it can progress to gum disease.

When periodontal disease is left untreated, it can lead to bleeding gums, sore teeth, pain when chewing, and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease has several risk factors which are known to have a significant impact on whether anyone acquires the disease. Smoking by far has the strongest correlation between those who have gum disease and those who do not.

If symptoms are ignored, the disease will progress, ultimately leading to tooth loss. Need to know the symptoms and signs of gum disease? Call us.
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