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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

How Alcohol Damages Your Sensitive Gum Tissue

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Dr. Boustany
How Alcohol Damages Your Sensitive Gum TissueAmong the culprits leading to the degeneration and higher risks in orthodontal diseases, alcohol ranks top on the list. Of the different forms of common dental diseases resulting from excessive and unchecked alcohol consumption, gum disease is a serious condition afflicting many people. We take a look at how alcohol damages your sensitive gums.

What is Gum Sensitivity?

Exposure of dental tubules that are a result of extensive enamel loss or excessive receding of the gum causes the dental nerves to be easily triggered when exposed to stimuli from pressures, conditions, or elements resulting in gum sensitivity.

Gum disease can either be mild or extreme, with the more advanced stages of the conditions resulting in bleeding around the gums, inability to eat, or drink hot or cold foods and drinks due to the pain and discomfort associated with gum disease.

Impact of Alcohol on Sensitive Gums

Alcohol is a major contributor to sensitive gum tissue, and studies have shown that it leads to massive degeneration of already existing sensitive gum tissue. Alcohol is a corrosive substance, and for this very reason, it can erode the surface of the gum tissue, further damaging and exposing the underlying nerves leading to sensitivity. Extensive erosion of the gum tissue results in the massive exposure of the adjacent tooth roots, exposing them to more damage and instability.

The impact of alcohol on already existing sensitive gum tissue disease is devastating, as it leads to extensive damage to the gum spreading to the root of adjacent teeth.

To lead a healthy life with the ideal oral hygiene and avoid related dental diseases like sensitive gum tissues, we advocate for a reduction or complete stoppage of alcohol intake. If you have issues related to sensitive gum tissues or any other orthodontic conditions, contact us for expert advice and help.
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