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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

What are Periodontistry Procedures?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dr. Boustany
What are Periodontistry Procedures?Periodontics is a vast area in dentistry, with many treatments falling under it. The treatments range from standard oral surgeries to root planing and scaling. We specialize in a wide range of periodontist procedures; here are some of them:

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are procedures we use to clean root surfaces and eliminate tartar and plaque. Both of these procedures help eliminate bacterial toxins. In some cases, we follow up these procedures with adjunctive therapy like host modulation or antibiotics. In most cases, however, patients don't need further treatment after root planing and scaling. This underlines the effectiveness of these procedures. However, keep in mind that you will need maintenance therapy to recover quickly from these procedures.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth we use to replace missing teeth. To place dental implants, we use an artificial tooth root. We place the root in the jaw, where it connects to your jawbone. Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option, given their effectiveness. With them, you can chew food properly and restore your smile.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting is a surgical procedure that treats damaged gums. We take gum tissue from the palate or any other source and cover the exposed tooth root during this procedure. This procedure is highly effective because it helps prevent tooth sensitivity and makes your teeth look normal.


This is another standard periodontistry procedure. It is a surgical procedure where our dentists fold back the gum tissue to get rid of bacteria. With regeneration, anything from proteins to membranes can be used to stimulate tissues to bone grafts. This helps revive your body's ability to regenerate bones and gum tissues. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on periodontistry procedures and their benefits.
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