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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Popular Holiday Foods That Could Hurt Your Teeth

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. Boustany
Popular Holiday Foods That Could Hurt Your TeethYour holiday celebrations aren't just the same without candied pecans, marshmallow-topped mashed potatoes, glazed turkey, and sweet apple pie. However, these foods may not be healthy for your mouth. Often, dentists encounter incidents of increased tooth decay during the holiday season mainly because of what we eat at this time of the year. You may want to watch out for these foods as they can damage your teeth, especially during holidays because they are a favorite for many people and families.


Whether you cook it inside your turkey or just alone, stuffing is a staple for creating good moments during the Thanksgiving feast. Although stuffing does not contain sugar, its starchy makeup tends to impact your oral health negatively. The sticky consistency accumulates on the surface of a tooth contributing to more buildup of plaque and formation of cavities.


While a favorite festive drink, eggnog is loaded with sugar. And if you add alcohol to the equation, you create a perfect condition for tooth decay. Consider sugar-free beverages to minimize the chances of damaging your teeth.

Candy Canes

These are ideally pure sugar, so it's not surprising that they are listed among the foods that cause damage to teeth during the holiday season. Biting into candy canes can make you vulnerable to dental emergencies. Besides, sucking on them persistently exposes the mouth to considerable amounts of sugar.

Sugary Baked Goods

Savory pastries, festive pies, and cookies are some of the holiday classics that could wreak havoc on your mouth. Reduce the intake of sugary baked foods during the holidays and even after. And don't think dried fruits are better, they too are another culprit of cavities and tooth decay during holidays. Don't let your holiday celebrations turn into dental work or a dental emergency. Protect your teeth and ensure good oral hygiene during this time. Visit our dental team if you have any oral problems.

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