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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

What to expect during sedation dentistry

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Dr. Boustany
What to expect during sedation dentistrySedation dentistry is important for people who have a deep fear of visiting the dental clinic. Dental anxiety can hinder you from obtaining comprehensive care since some patients even decide to skip dental checkups altogether. Others who come in, make it hard for our dentists to administer treatment, since they become jumpy, limiting the safe application of treatment. At our clinic, we undertake sedation dentistry to ensure that you receive the correct dental treatment in an enabling environment. There are some things that you should expect when it comes to receiving sedation dentistry.

Beginning the Sedation Dentistry

Before the dental procedure begins, our dentists put you under sedation first. An IV is usually placed on your hand or arm after the dentist will push the sedative medicines into your bloodstream through the IV.

You will immediately feel relaxed but in a semi-awake condition. You will not be completely asleep as is the case while undergoing major invasive surgery. You will be able to breathe on your own and respond to instructions given by the dentist. However, you will not be consciously aware of what is going on during the procedure.

Sedation Adjustments

Our dentists monitor you during the entirety of your sedation dentistry treatment. The sedation level can be increased or reduced depending on the analysis of the dentist. Our dentist can read physical signs to determine whether you require more or less sedative treatment. You will not be able to tell when the dentists adjust the level of the sedation.

Come to Us For Comprehensive Treatment

Sedation dentistry is a serious medical protocol that requires experienced and skilled dentists. At our practice, you will find qualified anesthesiologists who can administer the sedation safely. You will feel like you were in the office for minutes even though it might take hours to complete the procedure.
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