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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Bone Graft
Charleston, West Virginia

A woman reviewing her xray with a dentist at Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, West VirginiaAt Revive Dental and Implant Center, our goal is to provide you with all the information and expertise you need when it comes to maintaining the highest level of oral health. As life goes on, many dental issues can emerge that we can help you to overcome. Sometimes, though, the amount of bone in your mouth is not enough for us to work with when it comes to giving you support such as dental implants that enable you to get replacement teeth. In these scenarios, we often recommend procedures such as bone graft to replace lost bone and thus permit you to get the treatment you need.

What Is Bone Graft Surgery?

Bone graft surgery can either use special bone grafting material or relocate bone from one area of your body to another to graft what is needed onto your jawbone. After this is done, we wait several months for the graft to create new and strong bone that can reliably support a dental implant. Sometimes, if the amount of bone required is minimal, we can do a minor bone graft at the same time as your dental implant surgery. Once the bone graft is successful and complete, your jawbone should be firm enough to support dental implants, and the rest of your implant surgery can proceed as planned. Missing teeth can affect your jaw.

What Do We Use For Bone Material?

When it comes to your choice of where you want the bone for your bone graft procedure to come from, there are many options available. We can use a different area of your body for bone that comes from you, and we can use bone from another person, another animal, or synthetic materials. For your particular bone graft, we will recommend to you what will fit best with your unique treatment plan. Keep in mind that, if we do use bone from another person or animal, we make certain that the material is completely disinfected and safe for your grafting procedure. It is also worth noting that the graft is only really used as an initial platform for new bone to grow upon and eventually replace.

The Benefits Of Bone Graft Surgery

Because bone grafts are needed for about half of all implant placement procedures, you should not be worried if we recommend that you pursue this option. What’s more, bone graft surgery can have multiple benefits beyond enabling you to use dental implants. A bone graft can save any of your teeth that suffer from periodontal disease along with teeth that have been impacted by traumatic injury. Bone grafting can improve your bone mass so effectively that future dental implants can become indistinguishable from natural teeth nearby. Finally, replacing bone that was once lost can make you look young again with a more attractive smile.

Dental implants can be effective at restoring your oral health to what it used to be and, if you need a bone graft to make them work, we will encourage you to consider this procedure. If you would like to learn more about bone grafts and think it may be the right choice for you, call us today at (304) 467-4265.
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