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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.
Fixed Dentures
Older couple smiling after getting fixed dentures at Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, West Virginia Permanent, or fixed dentures, are among the first choices that come to people’s minds when they have missing teeth that need replacements. Unlike other popular dentures, fixed dentures are not removable. Fixed dentures are used for replacing not only teeth but roots as well. Tooth roots are essential because they stimulate and ensure good oral health. Also, missing roots and teeth stop the jaw from being stimulated, which causes bone tissue loss. The result is an affected appearance that makes a face look older and sunken. Contact us and get your fixed dentures by Dr. Chad Boustany.

What is All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept is the revolutionary way of solving issues of recreating the mouth to restore its full function from multiple missing teeth. Compared to traditional dentures, most dentists prefer All-on-4 dental implants. The All-on-4 uses just four dental implants.

Permanent Dentures and How They Work

Six or more implants hold fixed dentures in position. The area with the most jawbone is where the implants are inserted. Both the implants and temporary dentures are restored on the same day. There is no time for healing required. After a few months, the bone tissue holds the implants and dentures in place through a process known as osseointegration. After the implants have fused completely, permanent dentures are positioned. Your smile will return and the lost function of your teeth will be restored.

Benefits of Fixed Dentures

Permanent dentures are not known to cause any pain, unlike traditional dentures, which can be uncomfortable for your mouth and gums. There is also no need for paste or gels, as is with used prosthetic teeth. Adhesives are not to be used with fixed dentures either. You simply maintain your regular oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing your teeth as usual. Once your fixed dentures are in place, your facial support and jawbone strength will improve. Eating will also become enjoyable once again. Take care with eating hard foods at first after your fixed dentures have been put into place.

Contact Us to Learn More About Fixed Dentures

Contact us at Dr. Chad Boustany to determine if fixed dentures are the right choice for you. We encourage you to read our patient testimonies to learn more about our practice and our dental team. Frequent visits are also necessary once you get your fixed dentures restored. Note that good oral health helps your fixed dentures remain intact for several years. To prevent gum disease, and to ensure your dentures last a long time, practice good dental hygiene regularly.

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Revive Dental and Implant Center offers fixed dentures for patient and those who have good tooth roots which are essential since they stimulate good oral health.
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