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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Why See a Prosthodonist?
Charleston, WV

Prosthodontist talking to patient about their x-ray at Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, West Virginia When oral health issues develop, it is important to seek dental care as soon as possible. While your general dentist may be able to provide treatment for many different types of issues, there are some that require the expertise of a prosthodontist. If a prosthodontist is needed, Revive Dental and Implant Center can help.

What Exactly is a Prosthodontist?

There are nine different specialties that the ADA recognizes, one of which is prosthodontics. A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in this particular field. As prosthodontists, our focus is on the repair of damaged and decayed teeth, as well as the replacement of missing teeth. We are highly experienced in using the latest tools and techniques to provide you with the best results possible.

Taking Care of Damaged Teeth

One of the main focuses of a prosthodontist is the repair and restoration of damaged teeth. Damage can occur for several different reasons, including a fall, a sports injury, or biting down on something too hard. Decay can also cause major problems. Minor damage can sometimes be easily repaired with cosmetic treatment.

However, more significant damage puts your teeth, and your oral health, at risk for serious complications. The tooth could be faced with additional damage or could develop an infection. What could have been a simple repair could require extraction and replacement. We have the experience to provide your damaged teeth with the care they need. We can assess the extent of the damage and determine the best solution to meet your needs. Common treatments for damaged teeth include bonding, veneers, and crowns. If your teeth are too damaged to repair, then we can also perform tooth extractions.

What About Missing Teeth?

You might lose teeth because you develop advanced gum disease. A traumatic facial injury could cause a tooth to fall out. An irreparable tooth might need to be removed. Regardless of the reason behind your missing teeth, it is important that you have those teeth replaced. With so many options for tooth replacement, we can help you to determine the best one for you. Replacing your missing teeth restores the functions of your missing teeth and improves your oral health. Replacing missing teeth can also help to improve the quality of your smile.

What are My Options?

Today, you have many options for replacing missing teeth. Traditional treatments include complete fixed dental bridges, partial fixed dental bridges partial dentures, and complete dentures. Bridges can replace up to 3 consecutive missing teeth. A partial denture replaces a larger section of missing teeth while a complete denture replaces an entire arch. There are also dental implants. Implants are unique in that they use small titanium posts that are placed into your jawbone to provide support for your replacement teeth. With a thorough examination, we can help to determine the best solution for you.

With the specialized care of a prosthodontist, your damaged or missing teeth can be repaired or replaced, restoring your oral health and the functionality of your mouth. For more information, call (304) 467-4265 or click to schedule an appointment now!
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