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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Replacing Multiple Teeth With Implants
Charleston, WV

When you have several teeth missing, there are typically several options to remedy this.

Many patients, however, are understandably apprehensive toward the thought of complete or even partial removable dentures, which is why we’ve worked hard in dentistry over the years to create ideal alternatives.

Methods like implant-supported crowns or bridges, as well as individual implants may also serve as solutions.

Our team at Revive Dental and Implant Center takes every factor into account, customizing every case and treatment to your specific needs and preferences.

We make sure you’ll always have choices to pick from and never feel cornered into a dental replacement you don’t want. If you or a loved one are considering dental implants and wish to know more about available procedures, you can have all your questions answered today by setting up an appointment at (304) 467-4265.

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When Do I Need Multiple Implants?

The treatment recommended for your case is dependent on a variety of factors (jaw strength, bite, number of missing teeth, jawbone quality, etc) determined during evaluation.

There are times when replacing every tooth with its own implant is neither necessary nor possible.

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How Does The Process Work?

Once consultation with Dr. Chad Boustany is complete and the appropriate procedure decided, our team will handle all aspects of your treatment with no detail spared to ensure a comfortable process and satisfactory results.

The highly trained staff cooperate to apply full-service implant treatments without additional specialists being needed.

Types Of Multiple Implant Treatments

Examples of procedures utilizing multiple implants include but are not limited to:
•  Implant-supported bridge - Recommended in situations where it’s impossible to insert an implant for every missing tooth, it is structured similarly to a traditional dental bridge except for (as the name suggests) being held in place by implants instead of natural teeth. Your teeth can function as individual units or be linked together for greater strength. Generally, two implants are used to maintain a 3 tooth bridge while 3 will hold a 4-5 tooth bridge, and 4-8 supports a full-arch one.
•  Dental crown - Custom designed to align with adjoining teeth, this implant-secured restoration appears virtually identical to your natural smile. Strategically anchored to support the bone and gum tissue, these implants will keep the restoration in place, helping you keep a healthy and functional bite.

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implants

Benefits Of Multiple Implant Treatments

Multiple implant treatments grant numerous advantages over removable partial dentures:
•  No bone loss or refitting is required - The lack of tooth roots (or implants) in partial dentures means your jaw lacks the crucial stimulation to maintain healthy bone levels. When left untreated, this may lead to bone loss (atrophy) and other jaw-related issues. This often dictates a second visit where we re-fit the removable denture properly to your jaw’s contours.
•  Implants don’t need to be removed to be cleaned - While it is important to maintain proper dental care for your implants just as it is for natural teeth, some patients dislike the idea of taking out and brushing a denture in their hand. Implant restorations avoid this off-putting issue and needn’t be removed.
•  Implants are more stable and won’t irritate gum tissue - Special oral adhesives are often needed to keep removable partial dentures in place. Even then, this substance can be messy and isn’t always effective. Worse, the slipping and sliding may cause inflammation and irritation in your gums. This is a major reason implants are preferred for their lack of soreness or irritation after healing from surgery.
•  Best of all, you never have to remember to put in your teeth in the morning before starting your day.

We offer same-day implants which, as the name implies, are made in our office and fitted on your tooth all in one visit! With our in-house laboratory we are able to place your implant all in one day. That means no waiting period, you get to walk out in one day with your new smile.
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If you or a loved one are considering dental implants and wish to know more about available procedures, Revive Dental and Implant Center can help. Learn more here.
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