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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Tooth Extractions

Illustration of a tooth being extractedAt Revive Dental and Implant Center, we have the professionalism and knowledge to give you the highest standard of dental care for any problem that your teeth or mouth may face. From cavities to dental implants, we are on hand for anything that will help you to improve your oral health. Sometimes, though, there is nothing that can be done for a tooth, and we may need to recommend tooth extraction for the good of your overall dental health.

When A Tooth Can’t Be Saved

There are some reasons why we would include tooth extraction as part of your treatment plan. If your tooth has had an accident or significant decay, we may be unable to use a filling or a crown to restore it to health, making tooth extraction the next best option. Teeth that lack enough bone support can also limit our ability to save them, making extraction the best recourse. Root canal resistant teeth that are infected can also endanger their neighbors, making them good candidates for a swift tooth extraction. Whether the cause be disease, trauma, or crowding, tooth extraction is a procedure more common than you may think, and it may help to know that replacement teeth are not difficult to incorporate naturally back into your mouth.

How We Prepare You For Tooth Extraction

After we have determined that tooth extraction is the right choice for you, we will have you come in for an appointment so that we can take a thorough x-ray of the area in question. The results of the x-ray will show us the shape, length, and position of your tooth and the surrounding bone structure. We will ask you to provide your full dental and medical history along with a list of any prescriptions or medicines that you may take. Once this information is in hand, we can then get a sense of what kind of procedure would best fit with your needs. Our last step is to discuss with you the kind of anesthetic we will use during the surgery to help keep you calm, desensitized, and at ease as we work on your teeth.

Post-Extraction Follow-Up

Though the extraction surgery will differ based on your unique needs, our tips for how to recover from your procedure are universal. Our main goal directly following the surgery will be to prevent infection and keep the area as clean as possible as your body repairs the site naturally. For the first hour or so after surgery, we will ask you to bite gently down on a piece of dry gauze to prevent excess bleeding. For the first day of your recovery, we encourage you to avoid smoking, rinsing your mouth too vigorously, or cleaning teeth that are too close to the extraction area. You will feel drained for a few days as your body focuses on healing, so we also recommend that you avoid strenuous activity until you have had time to recover.

If you think that tooth extraction might be an appropriate step when it comes to your dental health and wishes to learn more, call us today at (304) 467-4265.
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